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Start Active, Stay Active

Physical activity for early years, birth to 5 years.
Active children are health, happy, school ready and sleep better.
Move more. Sit less. Play together.

Sleep Information For Parents

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for both adults and children.  If you have concerns about your child’s sleeping habits you might find this booklet useful.  You may also find the information useful to help you to develop good sleep practices with your child and avoid sleep difficulties developing.

Lighting The Fire

Hands-on investigation, play and outdoor learning in primary education.

The Genius Of Play Charter

Taken from Sally Jenkinson's book "The Genius of Play": Celebrating the spirit of childhood.

A Unique Child: Nutrition - 10 steps to first-class nursery food

download buttonAll good early years settings know the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for under-fives, but standards vary. Annie Seeley and Jane Harrison provide top-line tips to holistic food provision.

Sharing books and reading with your child

download buttonSharing books is a wonderful way to help your child learn to talk, and it’s the ideal opportunity to share a cuddle at the same time. This leaflet offers some tips on reading with your child.


download buttonUseful tips on the use of Dummies.

Lets Play

download button
A guide to getting your toddler active.