"Developing in confidence..."

The care for babies is of the highest standard at East Dereham Day Nursery. Specially trained staff will care and nurture each individual baby our dedicated under 2’s room ‘Sunbeams’. A respectful, relaxed approach is taken so that babies thrive emotionally and physically. Babies benefit from time spent on the floor where they can stretch their limbs, roll over, spend time on their tummies, developing all the muscles and skills that link to positive brain development.

Language and Communication is supported through thoughtful interactions that give time and encouragement. Non-verbal communications, speech and singing are all important skills of the baby team at the East Dereham Day Nursery. Settling-in periods ensure everyone knows each other so that when the time comes for your baby to be left, they will be happy and familiar in their new surroundings. The settling-in time is also important for the baby team to learn individual care routines and preferences because consistency and continuity help babies to gain the best experience at the East Dereham Day Nursery. Developing in confidence the babies and toddlers enjoy seeing other ages so they have the chance to play alongside siblings and friends.

Babies are also included in the East Dereham Day Nursery’s outdoor philosophy where they derive huge enjoyment and development opportunities from being outside to explore and play, engaging all the senses. Staff have undertaken training on Woodland Explorers for Under 2’s and enjoy putting their knowledge into daily practice. We also have pushchairs enabling us to take all the babies out for lovely walks to the local parks, library.

Each baby is allocated a diary which provides a daily record of their time at nursery. This includes information relating to the number and times of feeds, nappy changes, sleeps and how much of their breakfast, lunch and tea they have had. We also welcome parents to call the nursery at any time to check and see how your loved ones are getting on.


SunbeamsStandard RateSibling Rate
9am - 1pm£18.25£17.45
9am - 3pm£31.10£29.90
1pm - 5pm£18.25£17.45
9am - 5pm£33.35£31.75
8am - 6pm£39.50£37.50
Block Booking£163.70£163.70
Hourly Rate£4.25£4.05
MealStandard Rate

"From our very first experiences of East Dereham Day Nursery nearly three years ago right up to the present day, we have had nothing but praise for everything you do. Our two daughters have always been treated so well; with care, respect, encouragement and love. We truly value the experience they gain at nursery, so much so that we kept sending our daughter whilst on maternity leave with our second child." Mr & Mrs B