"Our toddlers are supported in their learning and development..."

From the age of 22 months to approx 3 years, children join our Sunshine nursery. Our toddlers are supported in their learning and development by respectful practitioners who understand their growing needs and developing independence. They have lots of space to explore, develop their interests and develop social competence benefiting from the company of other children as well as visits to the local community such as the post office and local markets.

Sunshine is divided into a quiet area, craft area, mark making, messy play and imaginative play area. We also have a separate sleeping area, which can be used should some of the children require a rest during the day.

The sunshine children also have the benefit of their own flat screen computer with software devised for their own specific age group.

SunshineStandard RateSibling Rate
9am - 12pm£16.95£16.35
9am - 1pm£18.10£17.30
9am - 3pm£28.80£27.00
1.15pm - 4.15pm£16.95£16.35
1.15pm - 5.15pm£18.10£17.30
9am - 5pm£32.20£30.60
8am - 6pm£37.25£35.25
Block Booking£158.00£158.00
Hourly Rate£4.15£3.95
MealStandard Rate

"Both our girls have learnt so much from the many activities provided and from the warm, supportive atmosphere that has made them feel comfortable, welcome and able to develop. From our point of view, the staff are always keen to tell us how the girls have got on in their day, they are genuinely interested in their progress and they communicate with us with both warmth and professionalism. It is a rare thing to have dealings for so long with any organisation and literally not have a single bad word to say about them but I am delighted to say that this is indeed the case with your fantastic nursery." Mr & Mrs B