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“It is ultimately the most comforting feeling when your children truly love their “wrap around care” … this is what Funstop at East Dereham Day Nursery gives: a safe and nurturing environment for all children to blossom, learn and to have fun. They are like a family and always have time for you, we absolutely love this place, our Funstop family” Mrs S from Toftwood

Breakfast and After School Club in Dereham

The East Dereham Breakfast Club is run at the nursery and our After School Club is located in the hall directly opposite the nursery. During term time we open between 7.30am and 9.00am and re-open from 3.00pm to 6.00pm. During school holidays The East Dereham Holiday Club is open between 7.30am and 6.00pm and will be closed for Bank Holidays as per term time.

We are open for 51 weeks each year, closing for one week during Christmas as well as statutory Bank Holidays, we will open for Teacher Training Days, providing we have sufficient demand from parents.

In the Breakfast and After School Club sessions we operate a marble reward scheme. This is where we recognise good behaviour and each term the school with the winning number of marbles gets to choose a new piece of equipment and the boy / girl who receives the most marbles will also win a trophy.

Before and After School Club Standard Rate Sibling Rate
Breakfast club (7.30am onwards) £6.00 £5.70
Breakfast club (8.00am onwards) £5.10 £4.90
Hourly after school club rate (min 2 hours) £4.50 £4.30

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am with breakfast being served at 7.45am. Children are provided with a variety of cereals and/or toast breakfast, accompanied by a drink. During Breakfast Club there will be different games to play and some much-needed chill out time before school. Our vehicles arrive to transport the children to school and depart at 8.25am prompt. Children will be measured and if needed will sit on a booster seat. Some of our schools are within walking distance of nursery and these children will be given a high vis jacket to wear whilst walking to and from school with a member of staff.

After School Club

We safely transport children from school by our fully insured people carriers, all fitted with seat belts, booster seats and first aid kits. All our drivers are first aid trained. We collect from all local schools.

Our After School Club is operated from the hall directly opposite the nursery. The children have access to outdoors as well as a tv and a variety of films, a large collection of games and puzzles to choose from including monopoly, head banz, bingo, guess who, countdown, mousetrap plus many more. The children also have free access to painting, clay modelling as well as other arts and crafts. We have a pool and football table, a large amount of lego and playmobil, table tennis and knex.

The staff run regular clubs such as cooking club and science club and we also run a Funstop School club council where 2/3 children will be nominated by the other children to be the council members. At the Funstop Club Council meetings, the children will discuss with us any ideas which they would like to see us offer. This empowers the children to have more ownership in what they want to see us providing them. We also have a homework area and our staff are more than happy to help support your child with any homework they may have – please let us know if this is something you wish for us to do with your child whilst they are with us.


For the After School Care Club, we operate a waiting list whereby children can be added to the list at any time. When a space then becomes available the child at the top of the list will be offered that space. However, this is dependent on there being sufficient spaces on the transport provided from that particular school


Upon arrival at The East Dereham After School Club, all children are provided with a drink and, toast or fruit. A snack type tea is available, at an extra charge, although children can bring their own packed tea if required. Funstop is managed by a team of experienced, caring and cheerful staff.

Cancellations, Payment and Period of Notice

If you need to cancel a session that your child attends please ensure that you contact the office either via the App, by email or by telephone by 9.30am at the latest in order that we can notify all of the relevant parties.

We regret that refunds for missed sessions will not be possible. Should you wish to cancel your child’s place at Funstop, four weeks written notice is required during which time you remain liable for all fees. The sessional fees are payable monthly in advance with invoices being distributed during the last week of the previous month.

We ask for all fees to be paid by 10th day of each month after which all outstanding fees will incur a late fee of £12.

Please note that should your child’s school be closed for any reason, such as bad weather, Funstop will not be liable for the collection of children in these circumstances and will not open until the official opening times (3pm – 6pm).

Please note that you remain liable for any fees during Baker/Training Days although your child can still attend club if you arrange transportation.

East Dereham Holiday Club

Our After School Care and Holiday Clubs have different identities, as our Holiday Club is operated on a “come when you like” basis. All parents have to be registered with us to receive a copy of our Reservation Form, which are usually distributed approximately 5-6 weeks prior to the school holidays. Parents then indicate on this form which sessions are required and then return the completed form back to us. Once this form has been returned you will be liable for any fees due. We will contact parents immediately if we are unable to offer a space due to being full. Our full time After School Care Club receive priority booking followed by full-time Holiday Club children, then we offer spaces on a loyalty basis before offering any additional spaces on a first come first served basis.

Our objective for the Holiday Club is to provide our children with numerous activities; projects, in-house visits and trips to ensure that they have a wonderful break from school. Not only do we provide an excellent service for working parents, but we also offer a well-earned break for parents!


During all school holidays, we offer regular external trips. There will always be one trip per week except during the summer holidays when we have 12 trips over the holiday period. We also make use of the local park for games of rounders and football etc with the children as well as the local tennis courts (we have sufficient rackets for all the children) to help get them out in the fresh air being active.

We also offer numerous themed weeks and activities including cookery, games week, sports week, art and craft, t-shirt printing, jewellery making, clay work, puppet making, gardening, circus workshops and lots more.


During the school holidays the Holiday Club is operated from the ground floor of our main nursery building.

Funstop Holiday Club Standard Rate Sibling Rate
9am – 12pm £12.05 £11.45
9am – 1pm £14.50 £13.70
9am – 3pm £25.00 £23.80
1.15pm – 4.15pm £12.05 £11.45
1.15pm – 5.15pm £14.50 £13.70
9am – 5pm £27.00 £25.40
8am – 6pm £30.00 £28.00
Block Booking £125.00 £125.00
Meal Standard Rate
Breakfast £0.75
Lunch £2.50
Tea £1.45

Refreshments for the Holiday Club

Children are provided with a drink and fruit or toast mid-morning. At mid-day a cooked meal can be provided on the same basis as the nursery but with larger portions for the holiday children. We operate a menu, which has been carefully selected and reflects The Children’s Food Trust guidelines. A copy of our current menu is available upon request. Breakfast and tea can be provided. Breakfast, which consists of cereal and toast is served between 7.45am and 8.00am whilst tea is served around 4.30pm.

During our full day trips, we do ask for all children to be supplied with a packed lunch. It is not possible to provide tea on our trip days although; children can bring a packed tea if required.

Please note that on our holiday club trips we have further additional staff to supplement our ratio of staff to children.