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“East Dereham Day Nursery are one of our feeder schools and truthfully are Superb! Transition with the nursery is brilliant, the information we receive as Early Years reception teachers is informative, detailed and realistic – it is evident that The East Dereham Day Nursery know their children as individuals. We are always welcome into the setting, to meet key workers, share each child’s development on Tapestry (the child’s online learning journey), talk about interests, worries … but ultimately to meet each new child in a setting they feel safe and comfortable in. They even go the extra mile, by bringing in children or supporting parents in our ‘stay and play’ sessions in the summer term!” – Early Years Reception Teacher


“Designed to provide them with a structured platform…”

From approx. 3 years and upwards your child will start in Rainbow, our pre-school rooms. These are important rooms for developing and promoting school readiness. There is an emphasis on discovery and learning and having the perfect environment and carefully placed resources will give the children all the support they need to develop in all areas and to gain the independence they will need ready for school. Our dedicated and caring staff will support each child’s learning whilst they are engaged in activities that fascinate them, developing their language and sense of curiosity as to how, why and what if…

We will also give you a copy of a booklet that has been produced to help your child prepare and transition to school. In the summer term, we invite all the local primary school teachers into the nursery to meet with your child and get to know them in a safe familiar environment supported by their key person.

The children in Rainbow also have the opportunity to visit a local care home with whom we have developed very close links with to bring younger and older generations together to interact. We feel that breaking down the gap between generations and learning from our elders is a vital part of being within a community as well as helping install positive morals and values for the children from an early age. Research has shown how children involved in such schemes have developed greater resilience and empathy as well as increased vocabulary. Other community schemes we run include the children baking biscuits for our local market traders and people who help us in the community such as the police which they handed out and litter picking at the local park with tools provided by our local council. The aim of such activities is to celebrate being part of our local community as understanding how to contribute to caring for our environment and the people in it as well as developing our understanding of right and wrong.

Rainbow Standard Rate Sibling Rate
9am – 12pm £24.15 £23.55
9am – 1pm £25.65 £24.85
9am – 3pm £41.70 £40.50
1.15pm – 4.15pm £24.15 £23.55
1.15pm – 5.15pm £25.65 £24.85
9am – 5pm £47.40 £45.80
8am – 6pm £52.60 £50.60
Block Booking £217.50 £217.50
Hourly Rate £6.05 £5.85
Meal Standard Rate
Breakfast £0.75
Lunch £2.50
Tea £1.45

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